​We can deliver certified products on demand, but currently do not have them as a permanent part of our product range.

Our history​

THE 60's

Martin Pedersen worked as a forest contractor in the start of 1960.

He eventually found a desire for something more and this was the start of Feldborg Savværk. The address was not the same as the one we know today. At the time the sawmill was situated on Tusbækvej in Feldborg in an area near Feldborg clubhouse. The place was rented for 12 years and consisted of a hencoop and an engine house. The local authority took over the place when the rental period expired, this led Martin to hunt for new suitable premises.

It was also in this decade Tommy had his first job at the sawmill. He was a so called “skallerdreng” which was the lowest ranked title you could get.

The production at the time typically consisted of fishingboxes and ordinary buildingtimber.

The 70's

The hunt for new premises finished 

on Teglværksvej 3.

The settings were vastly different than those we see today. There had been a sawmill there earlier, but all the inventory had been sold.

In 1975 Martin and Marie moved to the new address. It was a hard time with hard physical labor.

Everything was done by hand. But they were very happy about the new settings at Teglværksvej. However, the good fortune didn’t last long. Martin was hit by multiple coronary thromboses which led to his death on August 3rd, 1979.

Tommy came back to work at the sawmill in connection to his father’s sickness and after his fathers death it was in the cards that Tommy was going to take over.

The 80's

It was a hard time to take over the sawmill.

Despite the future not looking to bright for the sawmill, Winnie and Tommy found the courage to take over and put in the hard work and dedication which in the end made the whole sawmill blossom.

The production consisted of wooden boxes for potatoes, bottles and so on. Especially wooden pallets became an important commodity. At first it was exclusively for the concrete industry, but soon the gates were opened for other industries as well.

Until 1986 the shells were sold to be burned, this stopped when the sale of wooden chips began.

It was also in these years that the storage halls were build, the factory hall was expanded on and the first truck arrived. Besides Winnie and Tommy there were 3 employees.

The ​90's

​​The 90’s were the years of construction in many ways.

The factory hall was modernized and got a brand new “skeleton” in the period 1993-1997.

In 1995 a brand-new wooden chip-hall was built and at the end of the year in 1999 the brand-new pallet hall stood ready. This increase in busyness gave work for extra staff which at the time numbered around 16 employees.

We have tried our strength on most types of wooden pallets-costumers, from transport boxes for birds, to transport boxes for a firing system where the very same worn-out pallets/boxes are burned at district heating stations.

Year 200​0

In 2004 the entire operation went from a business taxation scheme to a private company.

More drying rooms were built to meet the rules for heat treatment of pallets - ISPM 15 certification - for those customers who needed the wares to be sold worldwide.

With multi-saws we are able to cut boards all the way down to a thickness of 3mm and a width of 175mm. This means we are very sharp at producing boards for all types of wood packaging.

By-products, shells and sawdust have through the years become a hug commodity that can be used for numerous purposes. They shells are cut into wooden chips that are used for district heating stations or as covering in gardens and parks. The sawdust is typically used as bedding by the farming industry or the slaughter house.​

Year ​2010

​In 2012 the third drying room was introduced. As well as a 1800m2 production and storage.

Today we have 5800m2 in disposal. Around half of it is storage and 800m2 is hygiene-storage that is secured for diseases from animals.

The 1st of January Tommy handed down the sawmill to his nephew Dann Handberg Madsen, who is 3rd generation, so Feldborg Savværk & Pallefabrik A/S stays in the family.

The sawmill has 24 employees as of today.

The 1st of December 2018 Haderup Skoverservice A/S was bought up and shares the same owner as Feldborg Savværk & Pallefabrik. With the acquisition of Haderup Skovservice A/S we can complete the value-chain; from spire to finished product.

​YEAR 2020

​August 2020

Our new warehouse is ready. The building is the largest we have built so far and has a full 2300 m2 under roof and 12 meters to kip.


Pr. On 1 May 2021, the ownership behind Feldborg Savværk & Pallefabrik A / S was expanded with an acquisition and a continuation of the company Tim Træindustri A / S.

With the acquisition of Tim Træindustri A / S, we get the opportunity to create great synergy between the two companies, where we at Feldborg Sawmill can saw a large part of the wood to be used at Tim Træindustri for pallet production, and where Tim Træindustri can help Feldborg Sawmill with producing pallets. It will create value and security for customers that we now have two production sites.

Tim Træindustri A / S continues as an independent company, only under the ownership of Feldborg Savværk & Pallefabrik A / S.

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​We can deliver certified products on demand, but currently do not have them as a permanent part of our product range.

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