Wood- and potato boxes

Potato boxes - Growers

Transport boxes - Export

Special-boxes - Custom-made 

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Wood- and potato boxes

At Feldborg Savværk we produce transport boxes for Danish industry as well as boxes for for growers and farmers.

The wooden boxes are produced after firm standard measures but also to fit the wishes of our customers in terms of size, quality and carrying-capacity.

We offer the following types of wooden boxes:

  • Potato boxes.
  • Fruit/vegetable boxes.
  • Transport/export boxes.
  • Special-boxes.

We produce wooden boxes custom-made after our customers' individual wishes for the following:

  • Amount of and thickness og boards and joists.
  • Length, width and height of wooden boxes.
  • Sides and covers.
  • Logo.
  • If required other wishes.

All wooden boxes can be delivered heat treated ISPM 15

  • For wooden boxes that is to be delivered outside of EU, heat treatment is a requirement.

Contact us on +45 97 45 40 92 or fill out the contact formula in the right-hand corner - Then we will contact you.

Company information

​​Feldborg Savværk & Pallet factory A/S

​​CBR: 27919189

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​Telephone: +45 97 45 40 92

E-mail: feldborg@pallefabrik.dk