​​Pallets after fixed standard measure

Pallets custom-made to meet your requirements 

We are certified to perform heat treatment (ISPM 15)

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At Feldborg Savværk we produce and stock new and used pallets for the Danish industry.

  • Non-reusable pallets.
  • EUR-pallets.
  • Pallet frames.
  • Special pallets.

We produce both our standard- and special pallets as 2- and 4-way pallets.

Special pallets - Custom made for your needs

Every year we produce a variety of different types of pallets that a custom made to suit the wishes of our customers in proportion to the following:

  • Quantity and thickness of boards and bearers
  • Length, width and height on the product.
  • Possibly other wishes.

We will be happy to assist you and advice you in what kind of pallet is best suited for your products.

All pallets can be delivered heat-treated ISPM 15

  • Pallets for the food industry are kept in closed halls to avoid animals and excrements.
  • For pallets that are exported outside Europe, heat-treatment is a requirement.

Possibility for logo.

We can also stock pallets for our customers.

Call +45 97 45 40 92 or use the contact form in the right corner - for a non-committal dialogue. 

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​​Feldborg Savværk & Pallet factory A/S

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​Telephone: +45 97 45 40 92